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SMT1) A plane wall is shown below. There is a constant temperature surface at y 0 and forced convection at y H. The necessary parameters are provided in the figure. You may neglect radiation heat transfer. a) For steady state with no internal heat generation, write the appropriate governing equation. Include the appropriate boundary conditions and use function notation. b) Solve the governing equation for the temperature profile, T(y), in the plane wall. Show all steps. c) Using the temperature distribution found in part B, solve for Ts. d) Plot the temperature profile, T(y), found in part A. Append all work used to generate the plot. e) The plane wall now has internal heat generation: Q 50,000 W/m3. Write the steady-state governing equation for this new scenario and solve for the new temperature distribution with the same boundary conditions as part A. f Solve for Ts for the plane wall with heat generation. g) Plot the temperature distribution, T(y), found in (e) T 545 oR h 35 W/m2-K k 20 W/m-KH 10 cm T = 1 80 °F

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