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Question: so far i have sweet alerts producing errors when a...

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So far I have sweet alerts producing errors when a user has an error with their username/ password.

Now I want to send a sweet alert message saying 'Registration Successful' after a correct registration before it directs to home page.

here is my code: what do I need to add to alert this message?


/*API to register user*/
router.post('/register', function(req, res, next){
var username = req.body.user_name;
var password = req.body.password;

//Check if account already exists
User.findOne({ 'user_name' : username }, function(err, user) {
if (err)

//Check to see if theres already a user with that username
if (user) {
"status": "error",
"body": "Username already taken"
} else {

//If there is no user with that username create the user
var newUser = new User();

//Set the user's local credentials
newUser.user_name = username;
newUser.password = newUser.generateHash(password);
newUser.access_token = createJwt({user_name:username});
newUser.save(function(err, user) {
if (err)
throw err;
   res.cookie('Authorization', 'Bearer ' + user.access_token);
res.json({'Success' : 'Account succesfully registered'});


function() {

/*Event handler for when the user attempts to register */
$("#reg-form").submit(function (event) {
type: 'POST',
url: '/users/register',
dataType: 'json',
data: {
'user_name': event.target.inputUsername.value,
'password': event.target.inputPassword.value
success: function(token){
$(location).attr('href', '/homepage' );

error: function(errMsg) {
}); });

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