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Software Engineering Question

Answer carefully and completely for a thumbs up

Question 1 A project manager briefs his team of developers about a project as follows Tve done the planning. For the first two weeks, well be gathering requirements Then well spend two weeks writing the requirements specification for the client. If they give the OK to proceed, well spend a month on developing the high- level architecture and writing a detailed design document, then three months on implementing all the features. For the last month, well be almost exclusively focused on testing. lve allowed a week at the end in case we overrun. Ill be expecting detailed UML diagrams for the requirements specification and the design document, drawn using Microsoft Visio. Il be drafting both documents using Microsoft Word and I will circulate them via email so you can add your contributions. (a) What kind of development process is the manager describing in the first paragraph, and what is its principal weakness? (b) Describe how you might change the process described in the first paragraph in order to improve the chances of a successful outcome and maximise the return on investment for the client (c) Consider this managers approach to time estimation, rather than the time estimates themselves. Comment critically on the approach he has followed. Outline a better way of doing this (d) The manager appears to be advocating the creation of detailed documentation and diagrams as part of capturing requirements and producing a viable design. Why might this not be a good use of time? What could be done to improve how information on requirements and design is managed?

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