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Software Engineering Question

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Question 1 (a) A developer has chosen Unified Process for a software project. When the suggestion is made that her team might be better off following an agile method, she is sceptical claiming that agile is just an excuse for not doing any proper planning or architectural work. Write a short response to this developer, in defence of agile. (b) The agile software development method Scrum is often said to follow an empirical process control model, the key aspects of which are visibility, inspection and adaption Explain how the different features of Scrum support these three aspects (c) On the subject of the analysis and design process, Beck & Fowler advise that software developers should Stick with simple tools like pencil, paper and whiteboard. Communication is more important than whizzbang. Explain what is meant by this statement, with reference to the activities that are typicaly performed in analysis and design and the various tools that might be used for these activities (d) A degree programme conaist of 30 modulee. A module could be part of more than one degree programme. Each module is taught by a single lecturer and has a minimum of 10 students enrolled on it. A module is taught via a series of 20 lectures, each of which take place in a lecture theatre. These lectures are unique to the module and are not shared with other modules. Draw a UML class diagram that captures the information given above. Your diagranm should show classes and their relationships as accurately as possible, but should not include any attributes or operations

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