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Soil mechanics
1. Sieve analysis result of a soil specimen shows that 90% of the soil retained in US # 100 sieve, 70% retained on US # 40 sieve and 40% retained on US # 4 sieve. What will be the nearest value of uniformity coefficient? 2. A compacted soil specimen after the Proctor Compaction test has a weight of 4 lb. Volume of the mold is 1/30 ft. The soil was put into the oven for 24 hours and weight of dry soil was 3.7 lb. Please calculate the dry unit weight and moisture content of the soil specimen. A falling head permeability test was conducted on a clay sample collected from site. The test set up data are as follows: 3. Cross-sectional area of soil 30 cm2 Length of soil 10 cm Initial head 90 cm Duration of test 24 hours Final head 84 cm Diameter of burette tube 6 mm Please calculate the coefficient of permeability of the soil.
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