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21 ta A 25-mm-diameter rod, I m long, of unknown material is found in a machl) 2-23 of inexpensive nondestructive tests are readily available to help determi l Engineering Design described below (a) Visual inspection. b) Scratch test: Scratch the surface with a file; observe color of underlying material an epth of scratch. (c) Check if it is attracted to a magnet. (e) Inexpensive bending deflection test: Clamp one end in a vise, leaving 0.6 m cantil ve ed Apply a force of 450 N (+4.5 N). Measure deflection of the free end (within +0.8) (d) Measure weight (0.25 N). Brinell hardness test. hich tests you would actually perform, and in what sequence, to minimize tin and cost, but to determine the material with a reasonable level of confidence. The table below provides results that would be available to you if you choose to perform a given test. Explain your process, and include any calculations. You may assume the material is one listed in Table A-5. If it is carbon steel, try to determine an approximate specification from Table A-20. Test Results if test were made Prob. 2-21 Dark gray. rough surface finish, moderate scalefinish, slightly tarnished Metallic gray, moderate scratch Prob. 2-22 Prob. 2-23 Reddish-brown, tarnished smooth surface finish (a) Silvery gray, smooth surface Silvery gray, deep scratch Not magnetic (b) (c) (d) (e) (f) Shiny brassy color, deep scratch Not magnetic W 40N 814 mm Ha = 70 Magnetic W=36N W 14 N 8 mm HB-200 2 mm
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