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Question: solve 5b number 7abc and number 8a only...

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Solve 5(b), number 7(a),(b),(c) and number 8(a) only
A type AB child may have one pU clail ald e B, uing Jos typeAB,Rh Blood) Tor child support, basit of blood oype, is it posible that Joe is the father? What ABO bloo opeo) would Joe have to possess to prove that he is not tho father? 5. DIHYBRID CROSSES WITH DOMINANCE betermide the phenotype nato ln oroseny of a cross between two yellow-round dihybrld pea p Parent phenotypes Parent genotypes Gametes Punnett square
leboratory Report 10 Hereday Possiblo gametes c Iftwo tall- ratio in the progeny (T-tall,t O- ed each wih d In the lab, there are several trays of oom labeled tray 3 the number of each e ratio and record the phenotype by the nuimber of dwaet-no plants and ysDeteoine the plants and rounding to the neareit wbole number dwarf-green Baplain sn difite 6,UNKED GENES a A dihybrid was crossed widh a homorygoa recesdivo for eadh tralt, and the the cross prodaced only two classes of progeny. How do you explain this? b. Why are mare males color-blind than females? Dtermine the exspected pheadtype rnito of childres trom these ma 1. normal male XY) . 2. Camer female aas) or ) is dominant, recessive, Examine the pedigrees shown here, and determine whether the inherited trait or X-linked recessive; a male; o female PEDIGREE ANALYSIS a. C.
128 Repon 10 Heredily POLYGENIC INHERITANCE ratio In progeny produiced by the cross of a wheat plant with pink seeds 9. CHI-SQUARE ANALYsIS aIthe xample of chf equare determination In Table 10.d, what is the hypothesis being tostod? nd your r dults of the mon hybrid c and do a chi square analysis of your results in the following ta Ro CHI-SQUARE ANALYSIS OF PROGENY FROM A MONOHYBRID CROSS Expected etween and dyoueauts of the dihybrid roas and do a chi-scare analysti ot your resatsi the folowing tw CHI-SQUARE ANALYSIS OF PROGENY FROM A DIHYBRID CROSS Resulis ResultsDeviation (d)
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