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Question: solve c and d please...

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Solve c and d please
Figure 3-1 Design a Collpits Oscillator (Figure 3-2) with a frequency of 10 MHz using the negative resistance design method, assuming that R. = 5 kQ, C2 = 15 C, L = 40 nH with a quality factor, 9-200. ) 10 Cc R, L R Figure 3-2 Question continues on next page
c) Determine the input resistance (Rin Vw/n) of the circuit shown in Figure 3- R2 out 1 R, in Figure 3-3 d) Design a circuit utilising the circuit in Figure 3-3 that has the same function as the Collpits Oscillator in Figure 3-2. Tota 25
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