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Solve F please
Part III: Soils and Landscapes (Total 20 Points) The purpose of this section is to get you familiarized with how to think about identifying soil orders from topographic maps. At the same time, questions regarding weathering have been added to the mix to give you exposure to thinking about how varying geologic settings and physiographic locations differ in weathering patterns. You should think through your answers to these questions carefully while considering physiographic provenance, climate, parent materi topography, and soil maturities. Your answers s logical hypothesis for your answer. al hould be complete, trying to develop the most Monadnock New Hampshire Quadrangle-(5 Pts) F. Judging from the map and your knowledge of igneous landforms and soils, what 2 soil orders would you expect to find in this location? Support your answer. Bright Angel Arizona Quadrangle- (5 Pts) G. Are the rocks in this area flat lying or dipping? How can you tell? H. Is the climate humid, arid, or something else? Based on your answer for question H, what soil order would you expect to find in this region? I. Anchorage. Alaska Quadrangle- (5 Pts) J. What type o soil order(s) would you expect to find in this region? Why?




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