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Question: solve figure p28p29p210 please...

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Solve Figure P2.8,P2.9,P2.10 please.
uerive the 2.8-2.16 For the spring assemblages shown in Figures P2-8 through P2-16, determine nodal displacements, the forces in each element, and the reactions. Use the di stiffness method for all problems rect k-1000 lb/in. k1000 Ib/in. 500 Ib > ■ Figure P2-8 k5000 lb/in. 5000 Ib/in. k 5000 lb/in. 1000 1b 4000 lb Figure P2-9 k500 Ib/in. 8000 lb Rigid bar k 500 Ib/in. Figure P2-10
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