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Solve part c please
Question No. 5 5. Two tanks (Tank A and Tank B) are separated by a partition as shown below. Initially Tank A contains 2-kg steam at 1 MPa and 300°C while Tank B contains 3-kg saturated liquid-vapor mixture with a vapor mass fraction of 50 percent. Now the partition is removed and the two sides are allowed to mix until the mechanical and thermal equilibrium are established. If the pressure at the final state is 300 kPa, determine: (a) the temperature and quality of the steam (if mixture) at the final state. (b) the amount of heat lost from the tanks. (c) the change in exergy of the water. Assume the dead state conditions are at Po 100 kPa and To 300 TANK A 2 kg MPa 300 C TANK B 3 kg 150 C -0.3
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