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Question: solve parts 1 and 2 the second picture is for...

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Solve parts 1 and 2. The second picture is for reference.
ranutions Animuations side Show Review View Help Acsobat Storyboarding Tell me whart you want to do HW1, Prob. 1 (due Jan 14th, 2018) - The 3-1-3 Rotatiorn 71 12By 30, about Is By 45, about 71 By 15, about K3 (3 ba (i) D313 ? 10 vwha is V?
L1 ATRO 1230-Aotation Tensors-S Saved to this PC tions Animations Side Show Review View Help AcrobatStoryboarding Tell me what you want to do 8 Share Composition of Rotations - the 3-2-1 Rotation F: inertial reference frame b Fa: body-fixed reference frame 0: origin, point on Earths surface 1: inertial basis FB :: [C,B] c: origin, typically C.G De21 (ψ.0.0) B: body-fixed basis T,: pointing North 2: pointing East b: pointing forward bz: along starboard wing b: (from right-hand rule) b2 b3 : pointing down Rotating inertial basis 3 to the body-fixed basis B involves the following Euler angle rotation sequence 3- rotate about axis 3 (of Earth-fixed basis) by angle (a.k.a. heading) 2-rotate about axis 2 (of 1st intermediate basis) by angle (a.ka.elevation angle or pitch) , 1-rotate about axis 1 (of 2nd intermediate basis) by angle φ (a.ka. bank angle or roll) Note: The order of rotations is very important Sace Cpcg /2019
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