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Question: solve the sudoku problem using z3 you have an n2...

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Solve the sudoku problem using z3. You have an n^2 x n^2 grid. Each cell in the grid contains one number, 1 through n. No row can contain a duplicate number. No column can contain a duplicate number. None of the boxes can contain a duplicate number (ask me if you have a question about what box means). There are certain initial numbers provided. Your z3 file must determine how the rest of the grid can be filled in, or if it cannot be filled in.

Turn in the z3 permalink, including comments and output description as in Assignment 1. The z3 code you need to turn in will attempt to solve the problem for the following 4x4 grid:

? 1 3 ?

2 ? ? ?

? ? ? 3

? 2 1 4

I suggest you write a program that creates a z3 file solving this problem for a general n^2 x n^2 grid and asks the user for the initial configuration. But I am only going to check your z3 code for the case mentioned above.

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