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Provide solution of each task and screenshot of output at the end of that task Task 1 Write a C++program that maintain record of students. Student contains following details: ID Name Email Phone no Create a structure of student, Ask user to enter record for 5 students, Store those details in variables of students type. Print those records on screen. SSolution and output of Task 1> Task 2 Write a C++ program to do the following .Set up a structure/record to store products; each product has a name, a model number and a price. . Choose appropriate types for these fields. .Your program should contain a loop which allows entry via the keyboard of up to 10 products, to be stored in an array .The loop can be stopped by entry of quit for the product name . Your program should include a function to display all the products details after the entry loop has finished. Solution and output of Task 2> Task 3 Write a C+program that compute Net Salary of Employee. Program contains two user defined functions empSalary0 and displayo . Create a structure of Employee that contains following data members EmployeeNumber, Name, BasicSalary, HouseAllowance, MedicalAllowance,Tax, GrossPay and NetSalary o .Employeenumber,name and basicsalary must be taken input from the user . empSalary compute salary with given criteria o HouseAllowence = 10% of BasicSalary Medical Allow ence 5% of Basic Salary o Tax = 4 % of Basic Salary o GrossSalary=Basie+HouseAllowence+MedicalAllowence o NetSalary GrossSalary Tax . display for displaying details of Empolyee Page 2 of 3 Sample Output er the Employee Number :10129 Enter the employee name : Ahmed Ali ter the Basic Salary: 16500 EMPLOYERS SALARY DETAILS Loyee Number: 10129 Enployee Name: Ahmed Ali Basic Salary: 16500 House Allowence:1650 Medical Allowence: 825 Gross Salary: 18975 660 Solution and output of Task 3>

solve these 4 task.c++

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