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Question: some of these questions have more than one answers chose...

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some of these questions have more than one answers chose all that is correct

1. In order to get the information stored in a binary search tree in the descending order, one should recursively
traverse it in the following order.

None of the others

right subtree, left subtree, root   

right subtree, root, left subtree

root, left subtree, right subtree

2. Suppose that we have numbers between 1 and 1000 stored in a binary
search tree and we want to search for the number 259. Which of the fol-
lowing sequences could not be the sequence of keys examined?

999, 112, 602, 253, 411, 110, 259

19, 800, 310, 21, 176, 257, 258, 259

500, 300, 167, 290, 175, 259

500, 300, 259

3.What is the minimum height of a binary tree with 16 elements? The root is at level zero.  





4.An algorithm that requires __________ operations to complete its task on n data elements is said to have a linear runtime. (We use ^ to represent power.)


n^2 + 6  



4.Select the incorrect statement. Binary search trees (regardless of the order in which the values are inserted into the tree):

Always have multiple links per node.

Can be sorted efficiently.  

Are nonlinear data structures.

Always have the same shape for a particular set of data.

5. If Node A is a proper ancestor of Node B in a Binary Search Tree, which of the following is always true?

Node A is larger than Node B.   

Node B is inserted before Node A.

Node A is inserted before Node B.  

Node B is larger than Node A.

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