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Someone help me out this question?

3. A baker wants to conduct a survey among his customers to check which of his cakes is most popular. In particular, he wants to know if the popularity of his cakes depends on the chocolate that he is using (dark, milk or white). He wants to make as many cakes as he can for this survey, so he uses all 5 ovens in his bakery, producing a total of 15 cakes. Use the following SAS output to compute the relative efficiency of RCBD to CRD, and interpret the result. F DF Sum of Squares Mean Square F Value Pr Source Model 6 0.09880547 0.01646758 31.20 <.0001 8 0.00422227 0000527 Error Corrected Total 14 0.10302773 Source DF Type ISS Mean Square F Value Pr F Chocolate 2 0.00670573 000335287 6.35 0.0223 loven 4 0.09209973 0.02302493 43,63 <.0001

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