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Stability and truss analysis
3. Determine the forces in members BD, DE, DF, CD and DG of the truss in Figure 6 and indicate whether each of these members is in tension or compression. As usual, show any free-body diagram(s) (including all essential components), and clearly annotate all calculations Tip: I started with a FBD of the entire structure, followed by joints F, G, E and finally D to determine all required forces. Note that there are 5 members connected at D and hence 5 unknown reactions, so at least 3 of these reactions need to be determined before D can be analysed. Of course, other valid approaches are possible 1.5 m 10 KN 3 m 15 KN 3 m 3 m3 m Figure 6. ans.: FBD-10 kN (comp); FDE OKN;FOF-14.14 kN (comp) FCD 7.07 kN (tension); FDG-7.07 kN (comp)]
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