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Question: stage technologies is a londonbased company that supplies engineering solutions...

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Stage Technologies is a London-based company that supplies engineering solutions for the entertainment industry. It has helped the boy-band Westlife make a flying entrance onto stage and provided stage-rigging packages for the Princess cruise line. The company was established in 1994 after a couple of production designers decided that the automation of theater productions could be done more safely and more efficiently by using modular production rather than the old "build-as-needed" formula. The company installs wenches, stage lifts, and other equipment commonly used in stage productions. The equipment is designed so it can be operated from a single console without heavy lifting. Both opera companies and theaters see the benefit of such a system, but many are reluctant to buy because of perceived costs. Joseph Harris is the company's best salesperson. Harris is making a sales call on the manager of a theater that is planning to perform three plays this season that include complicated lifting, flying, and a working trapdoor. The manager is aware of the time, labor, and monetary costs involved in staging these productions and wishes there was an easier way to produce the three plays. Harris should most likely use the acronym L-O-C-A-T-E to:

a)explain the physical characteristics of the product.

b) determine the manager's personality type.

c) uncover the important needs of the manager.

d) create a bond between himself and the manager.

e) deal with the manager's price objections.

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