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Learning Goal: To apply the condition of equilibrium to three-dimensional systems and solve for unknown forces As shown, a mass is being lifted by a strut that is supported by two cables AC and CD. The dimensions given are a-6.70 ft b-4.70 ft, c-8.50 t, d-3.70 ft, and e-4.90 ft Part A - Finding the tension in cable AC A weight of 190 lb acts at C on the strut. Find the magnitude of the tension in cable AC Part B- Finding the unknown weight What is the weight of an unknown hanging mass when the compressive force in strut BC is $45 1b? Part C-Finding the maximum weight Find the maximum weight that the cable and strut system can support if the magnitude of the compressive force in the strut cannot exceed 1100 lb and the magnitude of tension in the cables cannot exceed 300 lh


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