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3. Application of DNA gel electrophoresis. DNA gel electrophoresis is commonly used in determining familial relationships among individuals, for ex; to establish paternity of a child. This technique is called DNA fingerprinting. In this technique the DNA of parents and children is roughly chopped up into pieces and resolved on an agarose gel. The DNA ill resolve according to their sizes and create a pattern or a fingerprint. The fingerprint of the child is a combination of fingerprints of mother and father In the below case, a DNA fingerprint of a family was generated using DNA samples from the father, mother and 6 of their children. Help us determine the relationships between the various family members by studying the gel picture below. F M D1 S1 S2 D2 S3 D3
From the gel picture it can be concluded that: A. S3 and S1 are the biological children of the parents. B. D1 and share the same mother but have different fathers. S2 and D2 are not related by genetics D. D3 and share the same father but different mothers. E. has a different father than the one shown in the gel F. has a different mother than the one shown in the gel. G. What can be said about the relation of D2 with others? H. S2 and D2 are adopted. I. What would you expect if the fathers DNA was run on gel WITHOUT being chopped? HINT: More specifically, how many bands would be present and at what positions would they form bands on the gel?
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