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Assignment 13 01 The turning moment diagram for a multi-cylinder engine has been drawn to a scale of 1mm to 500N.m torque, and 1 mm to 6° of crank displacement. The intercepted areas between output torque curve and mean resistance line taken in order from one end, in square mm are 30, 410, 280, 320, 330, 250, 360, 280, 260 mm2. Find the radius of gyration of the flywheel, if its mass is 48kg and the speed is to be retained between 150 and 180 r.p.m 02 A machine is powered by a single cylinder, double acting steam engine. The engine produces 100kW at 50rpm. The allowable maximum fluctuation of energy per revolution is only 10% of the energy developed per revolution. If the fluctuation of speed is not to exceed 2% of the mean, find the necessary mass of the flywheel of radius 0.5m.

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