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Question: summarize this article by using the requirements step at the...

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Summarize this article by using the requirements step at the Bottom.

* Is it a peer-reviewed article?
* Where was it published?
* When was the article created?
* What are the author’s credentials?
* Does the article use quality sources and evidence?
* What do other scholars say about this source?
* What is the audience for this source?
* How can researching and critically evaluating your peer-review articles help you in the workplace?

Avoiding Unionization
The relationship between employer and employee can be a difficult one at times. Each party has its own specific goals and makes everyday decisions to ensure that those goals are reached. Often times one such goal for employees can be the decision to unionize. Employers take different stands on the issue of unionization depending on their own goals. In regards to our company, there is no doubt that unionization is something that should be avoided. The larger question is what is the best action or actions to take in order to prevent the union from forming? In order to choose the best plan of action, it must first be examined how several regulations can have an effect on the final decision as well as any potential consequences of using anti-union tactics that may take place. By examining both of these topics, the company will be able to reach a more solid decision on how to avoid any unionization.
In order to be able to fully appreciate and understand both labor laws and unionization, one must first examine the history of such topics. It is important to understand how unions started and what exactly were some of the causes and effects of them. In current times, much of society views the term employee as someone who sells their services or labor in exchange for money. However, near the end of the 1700’s, employees were simply not a concept. Everyone basically worked for themselves; they answered to no one (Employment law & labor relations, 2015, p.2). As time went on, self-employment became sparse. Most people were now working for a paycheck. The modern labor relations concepts stem from the massive changes in the nature of work and in society (Employment law & labor relations, 2015, p.3). This is why it is so important to learn about the history of labor relations, so that history can teach everyone. This history continues to influence the perspective and behaviors of today’s unions. Taking and using this history will enable the workforce to then learn about and understand unions. By appreciating 

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