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Assignment Complete the following assignment and submit your work to the dropbox. Before you upload your file, ensure your name appears on the top of every page of your document. 1. You are constructing a rectangular deck against your house You will use 32 t of railing and will leave a 4-ft gap in the railing for access to stairs. Determine the dimensions that will maximize the area of the deck, and the maximum area 2. Rhonda has been hired by a local construction company to design a container that would hold 50ft3 of sand. The container will companys lot but should be designed so that the sand is easily accessible. Rhonda was not given specific instructions a only a few general guidelines . Create a design for at least two different types of containers . Determine the dimensions of the containers such that the amount of material used to create the container is kept to a m Include a realistic diagram of the containers that includes the dimensions . Determine the cost to produce each container given that the cost of the materials is so 40 per square foot. Make a recommendation for one (1) container that you feel is the best choice and explain the reasons for your choice. Note: Although cost is to be kept at a minimum, the cheapest container to produce may or may not be practical to use Your explanation shouid provide details as to why you are recommending one container versus another. Rubric View the nubric for this assignment View the long description of the for this assignment

Summative Assessment

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