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Suppose that μ (with 0 < μ < 1) equals the coefficient of kinetic friction between a uniform chain and a horizontal tabletop. The chain has a length of L and is initially resting on the table. If a length of chain equal to 2μし/(1 + μ) is pulled off the table and given a slight tug downward, the chain will begin to slip off the table (as shown in the figure below) The chain sliding off the table such that the length of chain off the table (denoted by r as positive below the table) satisfies the differential equation dt for zo < z < L, where t is time and g = 32 ft/sec2 is the acceleration due to Earths constant gravity, and zo = 2μL/(1+p) at t = 0 a.) (15 points) Solve this equation for t (as a function of z). You may use the fact that for A>0 Ar2-Br A b) (5 points) Given that L = 3 feet and μ = 0.5, at what time (in seconds) will the entire length of chain leave the table, assuming that the chain leaves the table when its left end reaches the right end of the table?

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