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Suppose that you are a social psychologist who is interested in the effect of sleep deprivation on aggression. You randomly assigned your participants to one of the three sleep-deprivation (0-hour, 24-hours, and 48-hours) conditions. You then measured the participants level of aggression after the prescribed number of hours of sleep deprivation is achieved. Your data are summarized in the table below. (es, your sample size would be way too small if it were a real study, but, we are just pretending.) Seep Deprivation Zero hours 48 hours M, 2 M2 5 M, 8 1. Identify the dependent variable, independent variable, and the design of the experiment (between subjects or within- subjects) 2. You want to conduct a one-way ANOVA to analyze the data. State the null hypothesis and the altemative hypothesis. 3. Conduct the ANOVA by hand. Show your steps. Do not use the equation SS SS SSw except to verify the results of your SS calculation. b. SS Between c. SSW d. Calculate df, MS, and F, complete the ANOVA summary table. Source Sum of Degree of Mean Squares F p Squares freedom Within Obtaining the value: Go to http: ALwww.statdistributions.com/f, enter the degrees of freedoms and the calculated F-value into the appropriate boxes (located in the upper left corner ofthe page) The p- value will be displayed in the p-value box. 4. What would your conclusion be if you conduct the test at a .05? What would your conclusion be if the test is conducted at a 01?
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