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SWOT Analysis on Scientific Games.


Scientific Games has harnessed more than 80 years of performance to deliver what customers and players value most: trusted security, creative content, operating efficiencies and innovative technology. As a global leader in the gaming and lottery industries, Scientific Games’ mission is to empower our customers by creating the world’s best gaming and lottery experiences.

Their casino, interactive and instant lottery games are designed to reach players wherever they are, whenever they want to play, and in any channel, they choose: casino, retail or digital.

For more than 85 years through their acquired companies, Scientific Games has delivered what customers and players value most: trusted security, creative content, operating efficiencies, and innovative technology.

Through their four operating divisions – Gaming, Lottery, Digital and Social – we offer customers a fully integrated portfolio of technology platforms, robust systems, engaging game content, and unrivaled professional services and marketing solutions.

Core Values

  • By the Rules: Maintain integrity in everything we do.
  • To Improve the Game: Continuously innovate and raise the bar.
  • With Passion: We love what we do and have fun doing it!
  • Smart: Take ownership and hold ourselves accountable.
  • Together: One mission, one team, one Scientific Games.
  • To Win: Surpass the expectations of our stakeholders.


• Successful record of developing new merchandise – product innovation

• Superb Performance in New Markets – Scientific Games has designed experience at coming into new markets and creating success of them. The growth has helped the organization to make new revenue stream and diversify the economic cycle risk within the markets it operates in.

• High level of client satisfaction – the corporate with its dedicated client relationship management department was ready to deliver the {goods} a high level of client satisfaction among gift customers and good whole equity among the potential customers.

• Strong dealer community – it's designed a culture among distributor & dealers wherever the dealers not solely promote company’s merchandise however additionally invest in coaching the sales team to clarify to the client however he/she will extract the utmost advantages out of the merchandise.


• Financial designing isn't done properly and expeditiously. this quality quantitative relation and liquid quality ratios counsel that the corporate will use the money a lot of expeditiously than what it's doing at this time.

• The promoting of the merchandise left loads to be desired. Despite the fact that the merchandise could be a success in terms of sale however its positioning and distinctive commerce proposition isn't clearly outlined which might result in the attacks during this phase from the competitors.

• Need a lot of investment in new technologies. Given the dimensions of growth and totally different geographies the corporate is progressing to expand into, Scientific Games must place more cash in technology to integrate the processes across the board. at once the investment in technologies isn't at par with the vision of the corporate.

• The gain quantitative relation and internet Contribution you look after Scientific Games square measure below the business average.


• Decreasing price of transportation attributable to lower shipping costs also can bring down the value of Scientific Game’s merchandise, therefore, providing a chance to the corporate - either to spice up its gain or die the advantages to the purchasers to realize market share.

• The new technology provides a chance to Scientific Games to practices differentiated rating strategy within the new market. it'll change the firm to take care of its loyal customers with nice service and lure new customers through alternative worth oriented propositions.

• The opening of new markets attributable to government agreement – the adoption of recent technology commonplace and government trade agreement has provided Scientific Games a chance to enter a replacement rising market.

• Lower rate – The low rate brings additional stability within the market, change credit at the lower rate of interest to the purchasers of Scientific Games.

• Stable free income provides opportunities to speculate on adjacent product segments. With more money in the bank, the corporate will invest in new technologies moreover as in new merchandise segments. This could open a window of chance for Scientific Games in alternative product classes.


• No regular offer of innovative merchandise – Over the years the corporate has developed various merchandise however those are typically response to the event by alternative players. Second the provision of recent merchandise isn't regular therefore resulting in high and low swings within the sales variety over amount of your time.

• New technologies developed by the contestant or market disruptor might be a significant threat to the business in the medium to future.

• The demand of the extremely profitable merchandise is seasonal in nature and any unlikely event throughout the height season could impact the gain of the corporate in brief to medium term.

• Intense competition – Stable gain has enlarged the number of players within the business over the last 2 years that has placed downward pressure on not solely gain however conjointly on overall sales.

• Imitation of the counterfeit and caliber product is additionally a threat to Scientific Games product particularly within the rising markets and low financial gain markets.

SWOT Analysis Section IV (Week 4)

I. For each strength, discuss what the company could do to leverage that strength (min. 2 paragraphs total—1 for each strength).

II. For each weakness, discuss what the organization could do to minimize that weakness (min 2 paragraphs total—1 for each weakness).

III. Discuss how the organization can capitalize on the opportunities that are occurring from the dimensions from within the general environment and how the organization can neutralize the threats that are occurring from the dimensions from within the general environment. (min 2 paragraphs total for this section).

Please make sure your paper is formatted to fit the APA standards, and that you have a min. of 3 references (formatted correctly) to support your claims.

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