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t cosmpletes the statement or answers the question. energy, they produce propionic acid and Co2. What 1) MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best 1) When some bacteria use lactose as a source of is the name for this process? A) fermentation B) chemical synthesis C) carbon fixation D) photosynthesis E) cellular respiration le examining a rock surface, you have discovered an interesting new organism. Which of the following criteria will allow you to classify the organisan as belonging to Bacteria but not Archaea or Eukarya? A) Cell walls are made primarily of peptidoglycan. BFIt is unicellular C) Organism does not have nucleus. D)It can survive at a temperature over 100°C 3) Bacteria and Archaea are most easily distinguished from each other by their 3) A) habitat C) reproduction method B) transcription and translation mechanism D) chromosome structure 4) Which are evolutionarily more closely related? A) Bacteria and Archaea B) Bacteria and Eukarya C) Archaea and Eukarya D) Bacteria, Eukarya, and Archaea are equally related to each other -5) An important fossil fuel is coal, much of which was formed when: A) Huge gymnosperms were flooded by an inland sea. B) Ancient angiosperms got buried under volcanic ash C) Northem-latitude bogs accumulated peat D) Extensive forests of seedless vascular plants were buried and compressed 6) Which of these processes does not result in the formation of a different generation in a plants sexual life cycle? A) fertilization B) mitosis C) meiosis 7) How are gymnosperms and angiosperms similar? A) Plants in both groups have flowers and fruits. B) Plants in bohr groups produce seeds and pollen C) Plants in both groups lack vascular tissue. D) Plants in both groups have cones that produce pollen and seeds A-1
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