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T1-1 Definitlon of water resources engineering Problem 1-1: Use your book and information you can find elsewhere to discern the engineering scope of WRE. For example, groundwater is an area of study in WRE, but it is not itself engineering. Groundwater is a resource, part of the water budget, a component of soils, etc. But it becomes engineering when we use principles of engineering to perform analysis or solve problems in such ways as well-field design, groundwater pollution, and modeling of groundwater flows. There are lots of things in WRE that are like this. 41 Identify no less than six (6) areas like this. Then create a conceptual diagram showing how all of these areas related around the central theme of WRE. Be sure that what you includes both Water Resources and Engineering. It needs to encompass both of these fields. Putting these two fields together is what this class is really about. Here are conceptual diagrams not related to water resources that you might use for ideas. Social, economic, and political setting Species at risk act Resource system e unks Users Interactions Outcomes Related ecosystems Cimate change
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