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Tables Table LayoutCharts SmartArt Review Paragraph Styles NormalNo Spacing Heading1 Heading Applied Database Systems QUESTION 1 Which one of the application types below is most likely to employ a database system to store persistent data? A. Scientific Calculator Application: For performing calculations and solving equations B. Banking Application: For accoust information, transfer of funds, banking transactions C. Word Processing Application: For creating documents (for example, Microsoft Word QUESTION 2 Which one of the following application types is most likely to employ a database to store persistent dat A.Slide Show Application such as Microsoft PowerPoint a. University Application: For student information, online assignment submissions, coarse registrations, and grades C. Soreadsheet Application such as Microsoft Excel. D. Graphic Design Application such as Adobe Photoshop QUESTION 3 Which of these most likely employ database systems to store persistent data (SELECT ALL THAT APPLY Faceboolk Travelocity (for booking air twavel) Amazon MSNBC (News Websit) QUESTION 4 A cellection of interrelated dats and a set of peograms to access those deted is called Dala Tools Set Database Mansgement Systes (DRMS) Database Ieterelation System (DBIs) Data Center QUESTION Disadvantages of File Processing Systems include (SE.LECT THREE) Dala redundancy and iscorsistency access anomslies Integrity Problems QUESTION 6 Whes various copies of the same date may so longer sgree, this is called Sec 1 Pages:1 of 5 S Words: 2 of 714 L
QUESTION 6 When various copies of the same data may no longer agree, this is called Inaceurate data duplication hazard Data disagreement QUESTION 7 What is data abstraction? Limiting access to data Exposing the complexity of data to users. Hiding the complexity of data from users. 町 Presenting data in a cryptic manner QUESTION 11 The logical schema is more important than the physical schema in terms of its effect on application programs True False QUESTION 12 Print Layout View Sec 1 Pages: 1 of 5 Words: 217 of 714L 23
Paragraph Styles 膚. AaBbCcDdE False QUESTION 12 Which of the following are true about Data Models? (SELECT TWO) The data model is the underlying structure of a database. A data model describes the design of a database at the physical level only A data model is a collection of conceptual tools for describing data, data relationships, data semantics, and consistency constraints A dala model describes the design of a database at the logical level cnly QUESTION 13 In the Relational model, tables are also ksown as: Sub-schemas Relations Records Entities QUESTION 14 An extension of the E-R model with notions of encapsslation, methods (fanctions), and object idensity is the Relational model Objeet-based dala model QUESTION 18 Dstabase systesss previde the following languape types (SELECT TWo) Data-design langvage (DDL) Date-manipslation langunge (DML) Data abstraction Language (DAL) Dats-definition lengage (DDL) QUESTION 21 Print Layout Vieww Sec 1 Pages:2 of 5 Words: 217 of 714
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