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Question: task 1 oral presentation urgent due today the school must...

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Task 1: Oral presentation URGENT DUE TODAY 


The school must be in Victoria preferably a school you have attended.


Please do this on Ruyton Girl School and ansewer all question 





1. You are to select an educational organisation to investigate. This may be an organisation you might like to see yourself working for or you have attended. 
2. You are to gather information about the school that will cover the criteria listed below.
3. Once you have gathered this information, you are to present your findings as an oral presentation. 
4. Any notes you have taken for this investigation report are to be submitted after your presentation.
5. You may wish to present it as a PowerPoint presentation.
6. Provide your trainer with a copy of the Trainer Checklist and Mark Guide below when completing Part A and Part B. You will present the oral to the trainer.


Your presentation

There is no set minimum time however expect a 10 minutediscussion. You need to ensure you have covered all the criteria below so you will be prepared to answer questions asked by your trainer. Provide your trainer with a copy of the Trainer Checklist and Mark Guide below before the presentation.



Your educational organisation:

• What school did you choose? What is its full name and location?
• What kind of school is it? For example: Is it single sex, large school, rural, sport focused, other?
• What ‘Values’ does this school have? (Check mission/vision statements, communication/website, policies and procedures to establish the ‘culture’ of the school).
• Do these values reflect your own? Would there be anything about this school that may conflict with your own ideas? with this question just agree with the values that the school has say it reflects on my own values.
• Where does this school fit within the Education Sectors of Australia?
• Is the curriculum typical of most schools? Does it offer any special programs or extra curricula activities?
• Pathways: Where can students go once they have left this school? 
• What qualifications, if any, can they receive once they have completed?


Education Support Roles: 

• What are some Education support roles this type oforganisation might require?
• What support role would you like see yourself work in? 
• Name two rights and two legal responsibilities you might have as part of the support role?
• Name two strategies you could use to carry out workload and routine tasks effectively.
• How important is this support role in the everyday functioning of this organisation?


School Policies, procedures and protocols: 

• Locate one school policy and briefly explain what this policy is for and why it is required.
• What are two legal requirements of your job role? Eg. Following privacy policies. Why are these important for your role?
• Name two things you could do to ensure that your knowledge of requirements and responsibilities in your job role are continuously updated?
• Name two skills you already have and two you will need to develop in order to do this job effectively.
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