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Task 1. The cardiod is a (simple?) example of what is called a roulette, a curve obtained by rolling one curve around another and tracking the motion of a point on the moving curve So, start with two circles Ci and C2 in the plane of equal radius, touching at a point P. It will help to imagine that the point P is actually part of only one circle, say C2. We will now roll the circle C2 around the circle C1. The curve traced out by the resulting motion of the point P is our cardiod. It should have a heart shape, which is why the name was chosen. Find parametric equations for which the trace is the cardiod. (Depending on your experiences, it may or may not help to use polar coordinates at some point in your process. Its not necessary, exactly. In any case, you should express your result in rectangular Cartesian coordinates.)

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