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Question: task 2 andndash 30 markslegislation activism and reformfor multiplechoice questions...

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Task 2 – 30 marks

Legislation, activism and reform

For multiple-choice questions, fill in the response oval next to the alternative that best answers the question.



  1. Which of the following is a fundamental right according to the 2007 United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples?                                                           2

       (A) access to private health care

       (B) autonomy in managing community affairs

       (C) immunity from criminal prosecution

       (D) scholarships for tertiary education


  1. The Freedom Ride (1965) was a bus tour through northern NSW led by

Charles Perkins and a group of student activists from Sydney University.


The protesters aimed to                                                                                              2

       (A) confront racism in country towns and raise public awareness.

       (B) establish a political party and gain voter support.

       (C) occupy farming leaseholds and reclaim traditional lands.

       (D) visit mission schools and implement educational reforms.


  1. Sovereignty refers to the right to                                                                              2

       (A) freedom of expression.

       (B) public assembly.

       (C) self-government.

       (D) vote.


  1. The Woodward Royal Commission (1973-74) is an example of a government        2

       (A) act.

       (B) intervention.

       (C) policy.

       (D) report.


Refer to Source A on the following page and your own knowledge to answer Questions 5 and 6.


  1. According to the graph (Source A), which country has the largest gap in life expectancy between Indigenous and non-Indigenous populations?                                    2

       (A) Australia

       (B) Canada

       (C) Mexico

       (D) Nepal


  1. Describe how ONE socioeconomic indicator affects the life expectancy of Australian Aboriginal peoples.


Write approximately 50-100 words.                                                                            5


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