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Question: task 3 20 marks continuity and change 1 explain...

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Task 3 – 20 marks

Continuity and change

1.    Explain the impact of experiences of colonisation, dispossession, movement of Aboriginal people and assimilation policies on heritage and identity.

Consider, for example, how:

·         separation from Country meant that people could not fulfil traditional obligations.

·         removal of children meant that some languages and traditional knowledge were lost.

·         influence of missions and churches meant that new forms of religion were taken.

How did these circumstances cause changes to Aboriginal connections to the Dreaming?

Write approximately 100-200 words.                                                                    10 marks





2.    What changes did these experiences cause in the lives of Aboriginal people?

Consider, for example, how:

·         the pressures of assimilation and the demands of exemption meant that some people were compelled to deny their Aboriginality in order to gain access to education and employment

·         others sought new ways to express their Aboriginality, resulting in new styles of painting, sculpture and craft, poetry, and popular music.

Give examples of different expressions of Aboriginal culture and identity.

Write approximately 100-200 words.                                                              10 marks



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