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Task 3: Writing XHTML Code

Write the contents of an XHTML file cake.html. This file should contain JavaScript messages that prompts the user to enter the size of a cake (the diameter) and the price of a cake. Using the input that the user enters, calculate the price per square inch.  

  • For constant π, use Math.PI.  

  • Calculate the radius using the following formula:

radius = diameter / 2

  • Calculate the area (consider the cake to be a circular or a round cake), using the following formula:   

area = πr2

  • You can calculate the radius squared in JavaScript with the following formula:

radius * radius

  • Ensure that you write XHTML comments near the top of the file that includes the file name, learner’s name, the date, and the assignment name (Task 4 for Computer Science-1A). All tags should follow the XHTML standard.

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