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Tasks to be undertaken: The UK governments Industrial Strategy describe a partnership between government and the private sector to build the foundations of a strong economy, which are the skills of its workers, the quality of its infrastructure and a fair and predictable business environment. The strategy aims to foster innovation and identifies four Grand Challenges, one of which is clean growth. 1. Choose a business or business type and identify the threats to that business from: Climate change, and . .The policy and regulatory framework designed to mitigate climate change 2. Familiarise yourself with innovation theory and briefly summarise the following disruptive innovation, incremental innovation, breakthrough innovation and game changing innovation 3. Considering the products and services of the business you have identified above, write a management report that recommends one or more disruptive innovations that will address threats to the business from climate change and associated policies. In your report, consider the following questions: Who will be the early adopters of your innovative products and/or services? How will your innovation lead to reductions in greenhouse gas emissions? How will your innovation be deployed to a wider market for products or services, and what benefits will flow from this growth? You will find it valuable to read the paper by Wilson et al (2018) entitled The potential contribution of disruptive low-carbon innovations (DLCI) to 1.5° C climate mitigation. This assignment will also require careful reading of the lessons used in this module as well as library research.

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