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ted (AL) 15 6. What is the en phosphorylating them? A) ATPases B) kinases C) cyclins D) chromatin E) protein kinases th tlhc ame of enzymes that control the activities of other proteins by The following questions consist of five ph division. For each one, select the term below that is most closely related to it. may be used once, more than once, or not at all rases or sentences related to the control of cell Each term A. Growth factor B. MPF C. DNA D. cyclin E. Cdk 7. have receptors for this substance on their plasma membranes to produce signals for growth. Answer 8. a protein synthesized at specific times during the cell cycle that associates with a kinase to form a catalytically active complex Answer 9. a protein maintained at constant levels throughout the cell cycle that requires eyclin to become catalytically active Answer e0*
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