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Question: terms 5 end vs 3 end in ref to polynucleotides...

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Terms 5 end vs. 3 end (in ref. to polynucleotides) Fatty acids Amphipathic Triacylglycerol (fat) Phospholipids Phospholipid bilayer Leaflet Cholesterol Protein Amino acid Nonpolar vs. polar vs. acidic vs. basic amino Nonpolar vs. polar vs. charged molecules Covalent vs. noncovalent bonds Hydrogen bonds vs. ionic bonds vs. hydrophobic interactions Monomer vs. Oligomer vs. Polymer Carbohydrate Simple sugar Mono- vs. Oligo- vs. Poly-saccharide Ribose and Glucose Nucleic acid DNA vs. RNA 5-carbon sugar acids Nitrogenous base Phosphate Adenine vs. Guanine vs. Cytosine vs. Thymine Peptide bond Amino vs. carboxyl terminus Primary vs. secondary vs. tertiary vs. vs. Uracil quaternary structures Nucleotide vs. Polynucleotide 5 phosphate and 3 hydroxyl Alpha helix vs. beta sheet Protein domain Carbohydrates & Polymers 1. Simple sugars and polysaccharides belong to what class of organic molecules? Car bahydrates 2. Of the options below, select the one that ribose and glucose have in common. 3. Of the options below, select the one that distinguishes ribose and glucose. 4. Within a polymer, monomers are linked to each other through alent hods 5. Of the options below, circle the one that would be best described as an oligosaccharide. 6. TRUE or FALSE: The only role that simple sugars play in cells is to provide a source of energy to produce ATP.
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