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Test band strip fabricChemical S groups 3 groups Acetate Rayon 2 groups Cotton 1 group Nylon 6,6 2 groups Dacron (polyester) 1 group Orlon (połyacrylonitrile) 1group Wool 4. Consider the structures of the dye and fiber describe the intermolecular forces involved in Which fiber was colored most by your dye? Using the structure of the dye at pH 14 from the question 2 above and the structure of the fiber, describe the strongest intermolecular force attracting the dye and fiber. each case below. 4pts a. Which fiber was the least colored? What is it about this fibers structure and intermolecular forces when compared to the other fibers that make it less able to attract the dye? b.
1. Record the results of each combination below stating overall color and which fibers were most and least colored. 3pts Diazonium salt recursor 2-aminobenzene Aromatic Coupling reagentHood B sulfonic acid, sulfonic acid sulfonic acid он Hood C Hood D 2-Naphthol OH Hood E Hood H Hood I brown 1-Naphthol mest-ioul mest- woo nng NHPh SO3NH4 Hood J Hood K Hood L Pink 8-Anilino-1- naphthlene sulfonicmost-wol acid, NH4 most-w mast-ool rlon7, 2. Identify your dyes color result on each fiber of the fabric strip below 2pts. ACETATE COTTON NYLON 6,6 DACRON 6,4 ORLON 7,5 RAYON WOOL (POLYESTER) Dark each vrite ink
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