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Problem Value: 1 point(s). Problem Score: 0%. Attempts Remaining: 12 attempts (1 point) Write an equation for the line shown. Write your answer in the form y mx +b. Equation: Help Entering Answers Preview My Answers Submit Answers

(1 point) Note: You have only 2 attempts to do this problem The Weasley brothers estimate that they will need a thousand galleons just to set up their joke shop, Weasleys Wizarding Wheezes The first products they are manufacturing are pygmy puffs, and they realize that the cost of making a single box of pygmy puffs is 3 galleons. The brothers would like to estimate the cost, in galleons, of setting up their shop and creating pygmy puffs, as a function of the number of boxes of pygmy puffs produced, p. Which of the following equations is the correct equation representing this scenario? 1. C(p) 3p 1000 2. C(p)3p1000 3. C(p) 1000p - 3 4. C (p) 1000p + 3 Option: 1.
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