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17. Suppose the gender of babies born at a community hospital can be considered a binomial experiment where Xis the number of girls born in a sample of 25 births. Ifa girl is born 45% of the time, what is the probability of more than 8 girls being born in a random sample of 25 births? O a. 0.1335 O b. 0.8665 O c. 0.3284 18. Which of the following is true for a gamma distribution? O b. The standard gamma distribution has A 0. O nn) (n ly for any positive integer, n. O For a random variable with a gamma distribution, the mean is ap d. and the variance is 19. Suppose that calls received at 411 for information regarding a listing are received at a rate of a o 3scall per minute. Then the number of minutes M between successive calls has an exponential distribution with parameter 0.35. What is the mean of this exponential distribution? O a. 8.16 O b. 0.1225 0.35 O d. 2.86
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