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Extra Problems A mutation changes a single base in a codon so that the amino acid it codes for changes from Asp to Gly. What single nucleotide changes could cause this? There are TWO; write both the starting and the altered codons. 4. Table A The Genetic Code Second Position Tyr (Y) Cys (C) Phe (F) UCc Ser (S) UCA UAA-stop UGA-stop UUA Leu(L UAG - stop UGG -Trp (W) cUUT His (H) cuc Ccc Arg (R) Leu (L Pro (Pl CCA Gin (Q) ACU ACC ACA Asn (N) Ser(S Thr (T) AUA J Lys (K) Arg (R AUG -Met (M) GUU GUC GUA GCU GCc GCA Asp (D) GAC GGC -Gly (G) Val (V) -Ala (A) Glu (E)
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