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Thank you so much for answering 🙏!!
Eyelash Extension Companys lablilbtes as reported on the sune 30,2017 balance sheet are shown below.,along with is statement of changes in equ Accounts payable Notes payable, due 2019 S 180,200 488,000 Total liabilities 668,200 Eyelash Extension Company Statement of Changes in Equity For Year Ended June 30, 2017 Jan Suzette, capital, June 30, 2016 Add: Prof S 489,000 97,200 Total Less: Wilhdrawals 686,200 285,800 Jan Suzette, capital, June 30, 2017 400,400
Jan is selling the business.A potential buyer has hired an accountant to review the accounting records and the following was discovered n Eyelash Extension Company began selling a new product line this past year thet offered a warranty to oustomers it s expected was prepared on June 30 to show this that $48 800 of wamanty wok wilut next year based on frst-year ses Annual property taxes of $22 200 are due July 31. 2017, the income statement shows only one month of proo c. Interest on the notes payable is paid quarterly No entry has been recorded sinoe the ast quaterty payment of S are due My 31, 201 7; the income statnment shows only one more, of property expense miing-anwmcorecty ญ。ted on $10.500 on May 1, 201 C. Interest on the notes payable is paid quartery No entry has been d $17,000 of new office turniture was purchased on account and recerved on Jne 28, This yansaction has e. Uneamed revenue of $21,800 has been included on the income statement
Required: Using the information provided, prepare a corected statement of changes dollar.) in equity and labilides section of the balanoe sheet (Round your intermediate calculations and final answers to the nearest whole Stalement of Changes Ini Equity Total
EYELASH EXTENSION COMPANY Partial Balance Sheet June 30, 2017 Liabilities Current liabilities: Total current liabilities Non-current liabilities: Total liabilities
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