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Given that Kyocera KC6ST photovoltaic solar module has parameters as shown by Table 02 Table Q2 Electrical Characteristics of KC6ST @ SRC b) Open Circuit Voltage (Voc) Short Circuit Current (Isc) Voltage at Load (Vpm) Current at Load (Ipm) Length (mm) Width (mm) 21.7 V 3.99 A 17.4 V 3.75 A 750 650 What is the efficiency of this solar module under standard rating conditions (SRC)? (6 marko) i) ii) iii) You are required to power up an air-conditioner rated at 1546 W using the Ky Determine the fill factor (FF) of this solar panel. (4 marks) ra KC6ST of solat (5 mar ocera solar module. If the average solar irradiance is 980 W/m2, determine the number modules required. [Total: 25 mars


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