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Q4. (Continued) b) The caloric values of different types of biomass components are shown in Tabl 40 Discuss the reason why majority of the biomass energy companies in Malavsia palm oil residue and palm oil mill effluent as the biomass fuel. i) (4 marks ii) Propose the best biomass component from Table Q4(b) as the biomass fuel in a ne 5 marks) biomass power plant. Explain how the biomass power plant can help to mitigae global warming. ni Table Q4(b) Biomass component Caloric value (MJ/kg) 23.51 22.07 Palm Shell Palm Fiber Palm empty fruit brunch 21.52 Coconut Shell Coconut Bunches Coconut Frond Coconut Husk Rice husk Rice Straw Sugarcane bagasse Sugarcane leaves 20.15 19.60 19.60 19.60 15.80 14.71 18.11 17.43 Source: Shafie, SM, Mahlia, TMI, Masjuki, HH& Ahmad-Yazid, A 2012, A review on electricity generation based on biomass residue in Malaysia, Renewable and Sustainable Energy Reviews, vo 16, no. 8, pp. 5879-5889. ICIİ Total: 25 marks


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