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Question 7 0/1 pts Predict the effect of glutamate on a postsynaptic cell in a glutaminergic synapse in long-term potentiation An IPSP is generated An EPSP is generated Glutamate release is downregulated An EPSP is generated or protein kinase function is altered Question8 0/1 pts What is the function of NO, nitric oxide, in long-term potentiation? (e) It is an antagonist at the AMPA-R It is a second messenger that initiates cell processes leading to AMPAR downregulation It is a retrograde neurotransmitter that increases glutamate release. It blocks the NMDA receptor until glutamate binds the receptor

Question 10 0/1 pts What is the consequence of temporal summation? Action potentials in nearby axons will be stimulated. The EPSP or IPSP from one synapse will be increased in size. The postsynaptic cell will be more likely to generate an action potential. There will be more action potentials in the postsynaptic cell.

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