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  3. the 1882 chinese exclusion act barred chinese from becoming citizens...

Question: the 1882 chinese exclusion act barred chinese from becoming citizens...

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  1. The 1882 Chinese Exclusion Act
    1. Barred Chinese from becoming citizens and blocked new immigration
    2. Allow Chinese workers, almost all of them men, to bring their families with them
    3. Allowed citizenship only for Chinese who were born in the U.S.
    4. Was challenged by Chinese solidarity activists in the western part of the U.S.
  2. The concept of social distance illustrates
    1. How closely people of different races live to one another
    2. The acceptance that members of one group have toward those of another
    3. The distance between immigrants and their families of origin
    4. How far one climbs on the socioeconomic ladder
  3. Sex and gender are different in that
    1. Sex cannot tell us much about one’s genes, but gender can
    2. Gender reminds us that males and females are biological opposites
    3. Sex is the more useful of the two terms
    4. Gender refers to the social roles based on one’s categorical sex
  4. The social class gap between those with Internet access and those without is known as
    1. Digital inequality
    2. Digital gap
    3. Internet inequality
    4. Digital divide
  5. A sexual identity
    1. Is never a source of anxiety for humans
    2. Develops once children start to interact with others
    3. Is assigned to all children at birth
    4. Will have little impact on one’s future relationship
  6. The ways in which parents dress their children are important because
    1. It helps to turn biological sexual identities into social gender identities
    2. Everyone wants to wear the latest styles
    3. Physical activity level helps determine the types of clothing available for children
    4. Personal expression matters more than any other element in forming gender identity
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