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Question: the 1day food record below is from a male athlete...

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The 1-day food record below is from a male athlete who is trying to “eat better to be able to work out harder during soccer practice.” You have reviewed the 1-day record and have started your first consultation with him. What information do you need to clarify with the athlete about his diet? List 5 specific questions you will ask him, and describe why you would ask each question. (Hint - Figure 10.5 pg 286 in your book to help guide you) Please include the 7 steps of initial consultation with an athlete and use specific examples of each step on how you will consult with this athlete.

1-Day Food Record


1 bagel with cream cheese

1 cup orange juice

1 bowl dry cereal

1 cup milk


2 ham and cheese sandwiches

1 bag potato chips

1 large apple

3 chocolate chip cookies


2 cups macaroni and cheese

3 spears cooked broccoli

1 roll with butter

1 diet soda

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