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The “2017 Sustainability Report” of the National Australia Bank details the bank's strategies on Corporate Responsibility and its performance over the said year. It contains the organisation’s own version of sustainability principles how they have responded to environmental, social, governance and economic responsibility.


  1. Access the above link to the 2017 Sustainability Report, specifically the table found on pages 9-12. Choose one material theme from each of the three major criteria for measuring profitability - social, environmental, and economic. 







  1. In your own words, using the table below complete each of the areas:
  1. The impact/s on the different participants in the financial services industry. (Stakeholder view and relevance to NAB) 
  2. The practices, strategies, and policies that are incorporated in that material theme.   (How we’re responding)
  3. The outcomes have been reported from the incorporation of those material themes. (Performance) 

Three major criteria for measuring profitability


(Material Theme) 

Impact on industry 

(Stakeholder View and Relevance to NAB)

NAB’s Activities 

(How We’re Responding)


NAB’s Corporate Sustainability Outcomes


















  1. You and chosen members of your team have been tasked to create your own corporate sustainability framework, incorporating and supporting triple bottom line principals. Highlight at least one goal, under each of these headings that you would like to achieve for the business. 

Astute Ability Finance Group's Corporate Responsibility approach found in this website: http://astuteability.com.au/corporate-responsibility/ is an example that you may use as a reference.

Areas of the business

Sustainability goal

Your customers


Your staff


The community


The environment


  1. Based on your goals, highlight the potential economic outcome/s on your business and the greater community.

Sustainability goal

Economic outcome/s












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