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The 6 m long A-36 steel column below has a radius of 50 mm. One end of the column is fixed and the other is pinned. Use E -200 GPa and I 4.9087x10 m 6 m If load P is applied to the column, at what value of P will the column begin to buckle. a) P# 549.28 kN b) P 269.15 KN c) P 67.29 kN d) P- 174.84 kN e) None of the above Question 5. ee The cylindrical pressure tank is fabricated from 5 mm thick plates and has helical weld seams forming an angle of 30° with 250 mm and gauge pressure in the vessel is 4 MPa. (5 marks) a transverse plane. The inner radius of the vessel is 30° Determine the normal stress perpendicular to the weld direction and the shearing s parallel to the weld. a) Ơ-125 MPa and 43.3 MPa b) ơ 175 MPa and 43.3 MPa c) ơ 125 MPa and 25 MPa d) ơ 193.3 MPa and . 25 MPa e) None of the above tress

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