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Part G Ames Test The Ames test is used to compare mutaton rates in two teatment exposed possible mtagen and one a control group) atisnot exposed In a standard Amestest aparticular strain of bacteria with asinge point mutation la change in single nucleotde Let us you want to try the Ames nest to study GTAs and You of bacteria that produces GTAs Auaoottrophs are bacteria that have that prevents them from synthesizing a necessary nutrient You then conduct one test exposing the aueotrophs to GTAs and then aseparate test exposing Think about how mutatons occur and how GTAs and bacteriophages insert genetic material.Whatpossible results could you find? Drag and drop choices into the bins they describe. There is an increased growth Plaques may be present on the Genetic analysis reveals no evidence There no growth on the corteol pout pletes compared of teplication genes plates prior tomplica plating Thee is an inoeased Powth There nogowth on the experimental plates compared experiments group plates. with that on control plates Possible results for GTA Possible results for both Unikely result for either Possible results for
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